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IWM Holocaust Galleries

After Trauma

Project Lead Artist

Motion Graphic Designer


The new groundbreaking Holocaust Galleries at Imperial War Museum (IWM) London make it the first museum in the world to present and examine the Holocaust within the context of the Second World War.

Full Credits

Studio: Squint Opera

Exhibition Design: Casson Mann

Executive Creative Director: Vadim Charles

Creative Director: Tom Law

Producer: Katharine Luff

Lead Motion Graphic Designer: James Kiely

After Trauma

After the Trauma exhibit at the very end of the exhibition encapsulates every person who has been included in the gallery. Their story is paired with their belongings and photographs of past and present. The exhibit rounds off the gallery and visitors are encouraged to sit and absorb some of the stories of life before, during, and after the Holocaust.


Bringing together over 400 life stories and over 1000 images of belongings and photographs the linear film loops for over 3 and half hours allowing people to visit the galleries multiple times and likely never see the same people twice. To show the magnitude of the amount of content the gallery uses, the wide shot displays everything all together, on the 3mx8m projection this truly shows the sense of scale.

3 hours condensed into 15 seconds

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