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Jodrell Bank 

The Universe Projection

Project Lead Artist

Motion Graphic Designer


The new Jodrell Bank visitor centre aims to entertain and educate audiences on its groundbreaking astronomical discoveries and historical importance. A purpose-built gallery space and auditorium takes visitors on an audio-visual journey through time and space.

Full Credits

Studio: Squint Opera

Exhibition Design: Casson Mann

Technology Integration: Electrosonic

Executive Creative Director: Vadim Charles

Creative Director: Dan Lusby

Producer: Katharine Luff

Lead Motion Graphic Designer: James Kiely

Motion Graphic Support: Funda Topolongau

The Universe Projection

Projection mapped to cover 12 x HD projections culminating in a total of 20,000px, the Universe projection allows visitors to seamlessly see the sky from the point of view of the Jodrell Bank Telescope. Built from old solid steel plates previously used on the telescope the projection surface curates a wrap-around immersive experience for the visitors. 


The linear looping 20-minute film displays a timelapse of the day with each projection travelling off to explore different areas of the sky. Content triggered by interactive exhibits integrates into the UI grid systems built for the linear film. Takeover moments disrupt the sequence by lighting up the gallery space.

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