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Influencial Musician Archive

Conceptual Development

3D Animation

Cell Animation

Visual identity


Poignant musicians past and present are collated to establish connections within the musical arts in the musical language and socio-economic backgrounds. Showcasing the famous and influential musicians who are lost within the noise of modern music platforms.

The archive has been created by musicians and modern cultural historians. Most importantly, the archive is an open call, the platform encourages viewers to recommend the poignant musicians within their lifetime and rate the current connections between artists in the archive.

Expand the archive.

Expand your knowledge.

Learn. Share. Collaborate.


Create an experience which allows people to learn about musical icons through which they are able divulge into the impacts and meanings of their music and personal life. This aims to catalogue and archive musical history to inspire a new generation of musicians and promote the archive for heritage. Experimental platform to educate and promote - people can suggest threads to expand the platform and comments about the artists, why they were/are so influential to them.

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