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The Festival of Creative Expression

Conceptual Development

3D Animation

Cell Animation

Visual identity


Momentum festival takes all areas classified as the “arts” under one banner and opens a dialogue between creatives to develop knowledge and understanding of cohesive relationships between both areas of the economy.

The guests invited to speak and hold events at the festival talk about the opportunities larger companies can give you and also the limitations of the process. Each creative has their own opinion and angle at the debate, we invite you to attend, listen, debate, collaborate, meet alike minds and gain the power of creative expression.


Develop a visual identity for a festival celebrating and exploring what it means to be in the creative industry and work alongside and for corporate bodies. The identity should excite end intrigue creatives to want to attend and start a dialogue with creative people.

You should be creative in approach and use abstracted meaning and metaphors in order to become a unique identity within a world with increasing event competition the identity and conceptual media can transform the event.

Promotional media should include a title sequence which develops the concept of the event for the viewers. It should be a unique concept and piece of media alike the visual identity.

Title Sequence

The momentum titles embody the collision of worlds within the eyes of the creative. Starting with the view of the constantly fluctuating metaphor for the creative mind, we explore the pool where creatives and corporate minds interact.


Starting with the metamorphose of collaboration and teamwork. Before analysing the more negative aspects of the relationships with fracture opposing opinions creating collisions and a problem with the fabric of the relationship.

Bespoke Logotype

The altered Big Caslon logotype aims to capture the non-linear process and career of those working within the creative sector. A series of unique glyphs were sculpted to elevate the brand.

This was pair with the modular typeface Alterra to capture this year's theme of Technology. Through the project, the modular typeface was dismantled and used across the marketing assets to capture at readers full attention.

Festival Programme

The bold festival programme contains all the information for the summer festival. All the speakers have bio's and headshots. Using a duotone photo filter it allowed us to align the headshots tonally. 

Dramatic crops are used to house the headshots to create intrigue and helped us create dynamic editorial layouts. 

OOH Advertising

Specifically focussing advertisements on key transport hotspots such as train stations we aim to use edited versions of the animated title sequences to highlight the creatives showcased this year.

Audience Engagement

VR installations throughout the festival capturing the audience imagination.

The digital brand

The mobile-first website is specifically for people to learn more about the festival and specific events, and gain tickets to those events. Its uses motion to align the experience with that of watching the title-sequence.

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